APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.

Joanne Pollock :: A maximalist moment


By Caelum Rossell

Stylus: Who is Joanne Pollock?

Joanne Pollock: Me Continue Reading »

CKUWho :: Brain Drainer Radio

By Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

Brain Drainer Radio is one of the more fresh shows on CKUW. Every Friday from 10:30pm to 12:00am, two pals Alex and Spencer, delightfully shove their taste down your throat just like the hotdogs they’re eating while answering these questions. Actually, let’s talk about hotdogs for a moment. They’re a simple food really, everyone knows how to cook them and where to buy them. They’re complex if we want to know exactly what they’re comprised of, but that’s not on our minds when we choose to indulge. We buy hotdogs because of their convenience, their simplicity, and their great taste (open to discussion). So, that about sums up Brain Drainer Radio, straight forward and effective, simple and delicious. Alex describes it as “two dum-dums chattin’ it up” and Spencer adds “with some punk in between.” And that’s all you need on a Friday night. Continue Reading »

À La Mode :: Collection of Perfection

by Chris Bryson

Dominique Lemoine’s À La Mode is a vibrant melding of indie, synth, and dream pop, old and new, that tows the tradition of light and dark dichotomy. Where brightness and optimism share space within a melancholic embrace, and does so seamlessly, blending styles for a bold, beaming, open and endearing emotional escape. Continue Reading »

Album Review :: Civvie :: Inheritance

By Rachel Narvey

There is something to be said about music that doesn’t facilitate multitasking. Even trying to send an IM while listening to Civvie’s Inheritance is a no-go. The experimental three-piece, consisting of Alex Eastley on bassoon, Natanielle Felicitas on cello, and Kelly Ruth playing a loom connected to loop pedals and contact microphones, have created something entirely arresting with their debut album.
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By Matt Harrison

On the first day of this calendar year that felt remotely like springtime, I met with the folk singing duo Haitia. Comprised of the beautiful and talented voices of Dana Waldie and Avery Penner, Haitia blends the harmonious charm of traditional folk music with a timeless depth of lyric. With both singers coming from homes of music teachers, Dana and Avery each found ways to express their musical prowess from a young age. Learning instruments from the harp to the piano, these two performers have had an ear and a passion for music for as long as either can recall. Continue Reading »

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