APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.

Talking Pop-litics with Glen Murray

By Ava Glendinning

Former mayor of Winnipeg Glen Murray has turned his considerable talents toward mastering the craft of instrumental indie pop. Just kidding. But the band that carries his namesake, comprised of bassist/guitarist Sam Koulack, keyboardist Jon Askholm, and drummer David B. Warkentin, will soon have Winnipeggers associating the name with more than just politics.   Continue Reading »

Black Cloud :: Void

By Chris Bryson
On a slightly chilly 420 evening Stylus sat down in the patio of the Handsome Daughter with members of Black Cloud to discuss time on the road, their upcoming album, and inspirations along the way.
The show of the evening, aptly titled “Too Stoned to Sing,” to commemorate the festive spirit of the day, featured Black Cloud along with all-instrumental contemporaries Odd Outfit and Civvie. Each band, however varied in sound, felt momentous in effect.

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Album Review :: Apollo Suns :: Each Day A Different Sun


By Caelum Rossell

I never thought I’d ever listen to modern jazz album, yet Winnipeg based band Apollo Suns have inspired me to embrace some modern jazz due to their stellar debut album Each Day A Different Sun.
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Viewing Party – TV Guide

By Colton Siemens

Sitting at the long table are four young men. Speaking to them, it’s obvious that there’s a strong unspoken bond between them. This is Viewing Party, a four-piece band consisting of bassist Samuel Lavergne, vocalist and guitarist Oliver Farkas, drummer and keyboardist Evan Fry Sykora, and guitarist and contributing vocalist Johnathan Seburn. Even though they have only been playing together since last October, there’s a shared vision that seems to be understood. They’re all “on the same wavelength” as Sam says. Drinking tea and talking about desert island albums, their musical influences, and favourite television shows, their differences begin to show. Continue Reading »

Manitobandits :: Storytellers

By Kent Davies

Like the musical equivalent of Voltron or maybe a modern day local Wrecking Crew, The Manitobandits are the combination of the mighty genre-busting artists that make up Ultra Mega, Blond(e) Goth and Smoky Tiger. The group features the core backing of Josey Krahn (Ultra Mega), Aaron Johnston (Pop Crimes), Richard Bolton (Reverend Rambler) and Dan Moroz (The Flaming Trolleys) with revolving frontmen; JD Ormond (JD and the Sunshine Band), T.J. Blair (The Magnificent 7s), and Smoky Tiger/Andrew Courtnage/Nij (Youtube).  The Manitobandits enthralling live set features darkly humored satirical songs, wistful love ballads, party rock anthems and tributes to Manitoba folk heroes. The powerhouse act recently played to a packed Good Will Social Club in support of their respective album releases. Stylus caught up with the Manitobandits at their secret hideout in south Osborne in the lead up to the big show. Continue Reading »

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