APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


Fight Amputation :: Constantly Off


There’s something sludgy in Philly’s drinking water. I haven’t heard of any three-eyed fish popping up in the area, but it’s well known that the local mutant noise rock bands are not to be messed with. Case in point: FIGHT AMPUTATION. Continue Reading »

Girlpool :: Before The World Was Big

Girlpool does what every John Hughes movie tried to do, which is to encapsulate teenage angst and disillusionment in simple, uncomplicated terms. Continue Reading »

Hot Sugar :: God’s Hand


hot sugasr
‘God’s hand’ is something that, theoretically, touches us all, which is what New York-based producer Nick Koenig—better known as Hot Sugar—intends to do with his first album, a wholly unique instrumental journey through everyday life.  Continue Reading »

Teleharmonium :: The Mother Generator


Grand, lush, atmospheric, ethereal, and powerful. These are all words that were immediately brought into my mind when I had the good luck of being turned onto this band for the first time.

Continue Reading »

Surprise Party :: Circle of Death EP

surprise party

The newest EP from Winnipeg’s best post-punk band Surprise Party, Circle of Death, is a fusion of unlikely genres and effects. Each track boasts a distinct musical signature. The opening song “Come Down” features a very groovy and upbeat sound, with shimmering guitar riffs lodging themselves in your eardrums.  Continue Reading »

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