APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


Cannon Bros. :: Dream City



Dream City is the follow up to Cannon Bros.’ 2011 Polaris Prize nominated Firecracker/Cloudglow, a jangly, riffy tour de force that demanded attention and rightfully received it. Since that album came and went and stuck in our collective brains, Cannon Bros. have largely gone quiet, busy with other projects that have been successful in their own right, so it was one hell of a nice surprise to have this absolute stunner of an album dropped on my lap. Continue Reading »

Rah Rah :: Vessels


The evolution of Regina indie band Rah Rah continues. On their latest album Vessels, we hear a musical continuation of their 2012 release The Poet’s Dead. But this time around they’ve stepped it up a notch. Continue Reading »

Power-Buddies : Power-Buddies

Exploring different genres can be an eye opening experience. I found myself going back to this album over and over again, tapping my foot to “Someday” on the bus and humming “Fail” while brushing my teeth. Continue Reading »

Ought :: Sun Coming Down


Sun Coming Down picks up exactly where Ought left off with More Than Any Other Day. Anger and frustration towards capitalism, consumerism, gentrification, and sexism are expressed in poetic and evocative lyrics, sung alongside appropriately moody rhythms. This is disgruntled dissatisfied post-rock that sings with uncompromising authenticity about the disparate concerns of our generation. Continue Reading »

Alex Stooshinoff :: Patient Hands


Patient Hands Cover [Master]

Patient Hands is a beautifully crafted ambient journey through the mind and experiences of Montreal via Saskatoon artist Alex Stooshinoff. Continue Reading »

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