APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


Disco Needs a Squeeze

By Rachel Adrushuk

From July 27-29, Disco Needs a Squeeze, a 3-day punk music festival, takes over The Handsome Daughter and the Good Will Social Club. This will be its second year. The first year was a huge success, most likely because it met a demand that existed for years. While there’s a supportive and thriving punk scene in Winnipeg, punk shows have been on the decline since the closing of beloved venues like The Albert, Ozzy’s, and War on Music/The Death Trap. The economy has played a big role, too. Continue Reading »

44th Annual Winnipeg Folk Festival – Festival Report & Photos

Words by Gil Carroll 

Photos by Kelly Campbell, Julia Hardy, and Sam Sarty

The Winnipeg Folk Festival really brings out the sunshine in people.  For the 44th year in a row, the WFF brought together a community of free-spirited, peaceful and enthusiastic folks at the beautiful Birds Hill Provincial Park. Nearly every moment of the WFF, which took place from July 5-9 in sun-filled, beautiful and all-encompassing nature, made  you feel good inside. Continue Reading »

Odd Outfit

By Max Hamilton

It would be easy to imagine that a band as tight as Odd Outfit is single-minded in their approach to their work.  But this is a group of strong players with strong opinions and varied backgrounds, and among the four core members there doesn’t seem to be a singular vision that dominates and directs their artistic sensibilities.  In talking about the roots of their music and musical experiences, perspectives were shared less frequently than a willingness to listen and to understand each other’s point of view.   Continue Reading »

Margaret Glaspy : Winnipeg Folk Festival


by Chris Bryson


With the success of her full-length debut, Emotions and Math, and an appearance in  the April edition of Rolling Stone in an article titled “10 New Artists You Need to Know”, Margaret Glaspy’s career has been on the upswing. This week she’ll be in Manitoba to play the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Continue Reading »

Mavis Staples at Winnipeg Jazz Fest :: She Took Us There

By Maddy Cristall

There are good concerts, great concerts, excellent concerts and then there are concerts like this. Mavis Staples is a 77 year old R&B, soul and gospel singer from the iconic band with her family members, The Staples Singers. She is a civil rights activist who sings powerful songs about marching in DC and the injustice towards marginalized people. Her voice is the perfect canvas for evoking emotion, she transports people with her tender lyrics and volcanic pipes. She has been singing professionally her whole life and her voice only seems to be improving, she is a rare and truly special artist. Continue Reading »

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