APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


Live Bait :: Deerhoof w/ Jan at Union Sound Hall – Wednesday June 17, 2015

Topher Duguay

“So, this band Jan, they’re…”
“They’re certainly Jan, yeah.”
“They play Janwave. It’s when you sound like a mix of every fashionable 2003-2009 indie band, but your name is also Jan.”
“It’s a bold new genre. I like it.”
“It’s got a good beat, and you can Jance to it.”
“Oh, they’re done. On to Deerhoof.”
“So this is Deerhoof?”
“Yeah, they’ve been around for about 20 years and they play math rock.”
“So they aren’t Deerhunter?”
“No, Deerhunter’s singer is tall and Deerhoof’s singer is short. That’s how you tell them apart.”
“And they don’t play math rock.”
“But they both put on good shows. Feel that jazzy little guitar riff on ‘Paradise Girls.’”
“It’s very jazz-student wave. Weren’t these guys originally a noise rock band?”
“Well yeah, but they’ve discovered the joys of pop. There’s even a singalong chorus of BA-BA-BAs on this song!”
“I see she’s trying to get the audience to sing along. They aren’t taking the bait.”
“Well, I will. BA-BA-BA-BA BA BA.”
“Topher, stop.”
“No, I’m making up for Winnipeg’s notable lack of enthusiasm for anything. BA-BA-BA-BA BA BA”
“You’re at the back. She can’t hear you.”
“Well, darn. They are awfully energetic…”
“And tight! You’re going to ruin her concentration with your BA-BA-BAing! It’s like clapping along, it never works!”
“Point taken . . . oh it’s over.”
“No encore?”
“None! Maybe they’re disappointed about the lack of BA-BA-BAs?”
“Well, shame on Winnipeg. This band deserve better.”
“My apologies to Deerhoof. At least I BA-BA-BAed.”
“Deerhoof: A band whose live show deserves a BA-along.”


The JP Hoe, Hoe, Hoe Holiday Show

Hoe Hoe


by Danielle Marion

2014 has been a busy year for Winnipeg’s JP Hoe. Continue Reading »

BBQ & Blues Fest :: Sunday Reviewed

photo by Mike Latschislaw

photo by Mike Latschislaw

by Anastasia Chipelski

Last weekend’s third annual BBQ & Blues festival promised tasty food and drinks, and a slew of impressive local and international acts. I caught a few songs here and there, but only took in one full set (sadly) – the Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer – after stumbling out of bed at the crack of two, groggy from wrestling a nasty stomach bug. While the band had better excuses to be in worse shape, they still pulled themselves together mightily for a rousing mid-afternoon show. Continue Reading »

NXNE :: Week of music wraps up, exhaustion ensues



words & pics by Matt Williams

The buzz. Oh god, the buzz. It might never go away. The idea of seeing more than seven shows a night sounds amazing until you realize, “Wait. I didn’t bring ear plugs. How could I not bring ear plugs?” I’ve never really worn ear plugs, being a stubborn idiot and all. So, no matter where I ended up, I was caught with the buzz. The same buzz that has followed me since I was a youngster in a loud band. The familiar buzz that comes along with, you know – seeing great live music. Like when you walk out of a venue wonky with sea legs it was so good. And you just had to stand right beside the speakers. Continue Reading »

Live Bait :: Against Me! At the WECC

words: Matt Williams
images: Greg Gallinger

For this April Fool’s Day down at the West End Cultural Centre, a sold-out crowd made up mostly of awkward punks was treated to a smattering of big and loud performances from some of the most solid bands from south of the border.

Openers proper, the crunchy, no-frills-allowed Cheap Girls kicked off the night with a half-hour set that packed as much of their Midwestern brand of rock ‘n’ roll as possible. Singer and bassist Ian Graham won the crowd over without having to say much of anything – their college rock throwback foot-tappers were enough to do that all by themselves, helped, now and then, by some J. Mascis-esque guitar solos from axeman Adam Aymor, looking suspiciously like the stoner friend from every teen movie ever. Continue Reading »

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