APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


Roger Roger :: Fairweather


Roger Rogers new album Fairweather is a folk-roots album with an injection of country and soul. Continue Reading »

MULLIGRUB: Melancholy and Melody meet in the Heart of West Broadway


By Andre Cornejo

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the weather is certainly less than favourable. The Winnipeg winter we all love to hate has shown up over the weekend, and I’m glad that I only have to walk one block with my tape deck to get to Mulligrub’s jam space.

I make my way up to the front door and I’m let inside by guitarist and vocalist, Kelly Campbell. The first thing one notices when entering the home is the impressive collection of written and printed material. Information ranging from and beyond indigenous struggles, animal liberation, gender, and health, to socialism, foreign policy, and radical fiction. Continue Reading »

Basic Nature

Basic Nature_Photo-Eric Roberts_05

By Rachel Narvey

It’s the first snowfall of the year and already Winnipeg drivers seem to have forgotten the rules of the road. I make my way across Main, narrowly avoiding a few ambitious cars. At her apartment, Lizzy Burt (one half of Basic Nature) offers me some tea. While we wait for her counterpart, Claire Bones, to arrive, we talk about staying motivated, how gross the mall is, and holistic healing. Continue Reading »

Well Sister: Wistful, Soulful Folk Music

Well Sister_Photo-Eric Roberts_01


By Talula Schlegel

Jaymie Friesen released Sacred Sights  from her solo project Well Sister early this November. Friesen had been tracking and mixing this EP since January, and finished the project four months later. Continue Reading »

AudioOpera :: Constantly Working

Photo by Avery Stedman AudioOpera Press1

By Mike Skwark

I meet AudioOpera at a Salisbury House ‘Xpress’ near the University of Manitoba. He is dressed in a white and green coat with patches sewn on that look like they came from an ornate quilt, over a black t-shirt with a purple dragon on it. He posits his purple cotton pants once belonged to a “dead grandmother,” and his taupe New Balance velcro sneakers are the type you might find on an early morning mall walker. Continue Reading »

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