APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


Nap Eyes: Lyrics that make you think

nap eyes

Nap Eyes (from Nova Scotia) are about to release a very thought-provoking album. It is composed of cool melodic blues-folk with lyrics that make you think: think about yourself, how others see you, your life choices, and all of the meanings behind your decisions. It’s a cool mellow way to reassess and self-reflect. To set the mood, the band recorded all seven tracks live on a porch beside the beautiful coast of Pictou, NS. Continue Reading »

The Real McKenzies


By Kaitlyn Emslie-Farrell

The Real McKenzies aren’t a new topic of conversation for Canadian punk lovers. They’ve been written about, talked about, and danced to. But if you’re really experiencing The Real McKenzies, you’re drinking to them. Vancouver based Celtic punk rockers aren’t strangers to Winnipeg either. I spoke with front man Paul McKenzie and he told me many stories including one about our own wind spot on Portage and Main. Continue Reading »

Boats: One Last Hurrah Before Setting Sail


By Chris Bryson

On March 4, Winnipeg experimental pop-rock outfit Boats will be playing their last show at the Good Will. “Probably the last show,” says Mat Klachefsky, Boats’ frontman and songwriter. Continue Reading »

The Feast and Famine of Amelia Curran

amelia curran highres

By Victoria King

From her home in Saint John’s Newfoundland, and me from the CKUW production booth in downtown Winnipeg, Amelia Curran and I make small talk: How’s the weather there? Did you see the news about Bowie? Yes, it got to -30 here this weekend. Don’t these sorts of things always happen around time of year.  Continue Reading »

Frazey Ford

fraze ford

By Rachel Narvey

Frazey Ford joins me on the phone a week into the new year. When I ask how 2016 is going, she confesses that for the past few days she’s been in bed with a cold. “I’m just coming out of it,” she says. “I feel a bit like a newborn.”

Hearing her voice, you’d never know she’d been sick. Ford speaks with a warmth that instantly suggests her signature musical blend of folk and soul. You only have to play the first minute of a Frazey Ford song before someone in the room turns to you, a little bit in awe, and asks “who is this?” Continue Reading »

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