Kevin Roy’s debut EP is pure bluegrass bliss of the singer-songwriter variety. Despite his considerable guitar talents (Roy was Kayla Luky’s lead guitarist), there are no new grass breakdowns or old time high lonesome moans. The sound is crisp and clean, the notes are bright and clear as day, a perfect match for his country boy next door vocals. Roy sings a song like he is telling a story for the first time over morning coffee. Taller Than The Trees is a very pleasant set of tales that are just as enjoyable and engaging no matter how many times you hear them. It’s worth noting that it was recorded with Lloyd Peterson, who has a real ability to zero in on the elements in the music that resonate with an audience and bring them to the forefront. Overall, it’s an upbeat album. Even when love is lost or the environment is threatened, Roy’s looking at the road ahead with a sense of optimism. (Independent, Broose Tulloch