OCT — NOV 2014 Issue
  Oct/Nov 2014 cover art by Dany Reede.

Fear of Music :: Time’s Up for Creeps, Abusers and Sexist Jerks


illustration by Tiff Bartel

illustration by Tiff Bartel

by Jenny Henkelman

I started writing this piece on October 23, when things seemed so much simpler. Back then, I thought CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi was just a garden-variety creep, not a serial abuser. As Melissa Martin so brilliantly elucidated in her Nothing in Winnipeg post on the subject, those of us in music/CBC circles Knew About Jian, even if we didn’t know about the alleged punching, choking and rape.

If Jian seems like an outlier, a rare case of narcissism and misogyny enabled over decades with devastating results, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. Rare is the man with the kind of fame and power Jian had, but abusers like Jian exist everywhere. And they definitely exist in our music scene. Continue Reading »

Christine Fellows – Burning Daylight


Christine Fellows’ latest album, Burning Daylight, comes wrapped up within a collection of poetry of the same title. Continue Reading »

Shakey Graves :: Back to Winnipeg to retrieve a lost soul


by Anastasia Chipelski

He’s followed the railroads back and forth across the US and held forth at the Sidewalk Cafe as part of New York’s storied anti-folk scene, but Shakey Graves is returning to Winnipeg to collect something he couldn’t find anywhere else: his best friend’s soul. Continue Reading »

The Strumbellas :: From small town to big time and back again

The Strumbellas - bubblegum pic - photo credit Heather Pollock hi res

by Martyna Turczynowicz

The Strumbellas have won a Juno, Folk and Traditional Album of the Year, toured the U.S. and Canada and held residencies at the Cameron House and Dakota Tavern in Toronto. Not bad for a band from Lindsay, Ontario that got together over Craiglist. Continue Reading »

Mo Kenney :: Nova Scotia guitar slinger can’t stop, won’t stop

Mo Kenney

by Matt Williams

It’s a late October, rainy blue Monday afternoon and Mo Kenney is sipping butternut squash soup and a glass of Amsterdam Blonde in Toronto’s Kensington Market. It’s the first chance she’s had to catch her breath since landing late Sunday night, throwing some new strings on her beautiful old Hensel Parlor acoustic, and falling into bed. Since she woke up this morning, she’s been to Exclaim! Magazine, Global Toronto, Music Canada, and The Verge. In just a couple hours, she’ll fly back to Nova Scotia where she’s doing a hometown set for Halifax Pop Explosion the nextday, making her visit to the Big Smoke just less than 24 hours. It’s the type ofschedule sure to make the average person tired, flustered, irritable, or any number of unpleasant dispositions. But Mo Kenney is not the average person. Continue Reading »

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