APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.

Black Mountain


By Alex Roberecki

To describe the music of Black Mountain is to create a paradox. They are a band currently creating music based on the music from the past that was meant to sound like it was from the future. Their songs are epic musical journeys that create psychedelic soundscapes, sometimes lasting well over the ten minute range. With all that extra time, each song has plenty of room to grow, develop and resonate in your mind. Their signature sound of atmospheric synths with a hard rhythmic edge is present throughout all four of their albums including their latest album titled, IV.  IV is the band’s first full length album in almost six years, following up  2010’s Polaris Prize nominated Wilderness Heart. This time around the conflicting elements are intensified between female and male vocalists, Amber Webber and Stephen McBean. McBean’s intense voice is matched by Webber’s soothing hypnotic wale, reminding the listener of a young Grace Slick. Continue Reading »

Yuck :: Stranger Things


By Ben Waldman

When Yuck burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut, there was hardly a review that didn’t hail the band as the reincarnation of Pavement. Yuck marked one of the most solid and assured entrances into the indie rock world in years. Continue Reading »

Male Activity


By Victoria King

Male Activity is a Winnipeg-based experimental music label. Run by Bret Parenteau, 24, the label represents Parenteau’s own projects (B.P., Bedroom Suite, Gashkadin), as well as several artists from Winnipeg and abroad – as far away as the UK and Birmingham, AL. Founded in the summer of 2012, Male Activity began with Parenteau and his good friend, Paul Kinasevych. Kinasevych was the labelhead of Male Activity until the summer of 2015, when he moved to Calgary, AB for university. It was then that he handed everything over to Bret. The self-described ‘Evan Goldberg’ of the two, Parenteau has been quietly working away at the label for the last year, putting his own spin on things. Welcoming new artists and listeners all the time, Stylus and Parenteau sat down together one Saturday afternoon at the Good Will Social Club. Continue Reading »

Trouser Mouth


By Kaitlyn Emslie-Farrell

The classy way to do an interview on a Sunday evening is to meet in a local punk venue, the King’s Hotel, have a few beers and laugh around a table for a couple hours. Oh yeah, we also talked about music. I met with Zip R Head of Trouser Mouth and we decided to go raw with the interview. Beer first, work second. Laughs everywhere in between. Let’s have a good time with this. Continue Reading »

Renee Lamoureux

reneeWinnipeg singer-songwriter Renee Lamoureux releases her sophomore album Dare to Be You at the West End Cultural Centre this Saturday, April 23. Stylus sat down with Renee to talk about the new album. 
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