AUG — SEPT 2014 Issue
  Aug/Sept 2014 cover art by Mahri White.

Scott Nolan :: Mining Silverhill for solid gold

photo by MCE Photography

photo by MCE Photography

by Sheldon Birnie

Deep in the American south lies the small community of Silverhill, Alabama. Lush, green foliage surrounds a cabin in the woods. Dogs lay in the shade during the heat of the day, and howl by the light of the moon. Silverhill is a place where “moonshiners still bootleg whisky” from 106 year old recipes; a place where they don’t call the cops, and fire wood is hewn by hand. A beautiful place at once captivatingly unique, and yet also just like any other stop off a remote backroad. Continue Reading »

BBQ & Blues Fest :: Sunday Reviewed

photo by Mike Latschislaw

photo by Mike Latschislaw

by Anastasia Chipelski

Last weekend’s third annual BBQ & Blues festival promised tasty food and drinks, and a slew of impressive local and international acts. I caught a few songs here and there, but only took in one full set (sadly) – the Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer – after stumbling out of bed at the crack of two, groggy from wrestling a nasty stomach bug. While the band had better excuses to be in worse shape, they still pulled themselves together mightily for a rousing mid-afternoon show. Continue Reading »

Why Taylor Swift was right to break up with country music


by Matt Williams

For years now, the relationship between Taylor Swift and country music fans has been strained at best. Swift has been on an unstoppable rocket to peak fame and stardom, traveling at light-speed, since the beginning of her career, and until recently, she had at least managed to satiate her country fans, albeit less and less with each album. Red, arguably her best record to date, was almost devoid of anything resembling country, instead trading in the twang for new tricks like dubstep-lite (“I Knew You Were Trouble”) or straight-up bubblegum pop (“22”). But still, until Monday’s release of “Shake It Off,” the kickoff single from Swift’s upcoming “very first documented, official pop album” 1989, many still believed there was a chance for their saviour to come back home, or at least keep things country enough that she could pass for a slot at the CMAs. Continue Reading »

How to Dress Well – “What Is This Heart?”


How to Dress Well is the musical project of Tom Krell, a former PhD philosophy student with an elegant falsetto and a fixation on difficult emotions – especially those dealing with loss, death and heartbreak. Continue Reading »

Rex Weyler – Catch the Light


This is the debut album by respected author, journalist and co-founder of Greenpeace International, Rex Weyler. Continue Reading »

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