DEC — JAN 2014-15 Issue
  Dec/Jan 2014-15 cover art by Nicki Buckle.

Mobina Galore :: Rocking heavy & heartfelt

photo: Jenna Priestner

photo: Jenna Priestner

by Daniel Emberg

This is the first Stylus feature on Mobina Galore, so we will start with the most important question: what should you expect when checking them out?

“We describe ourselves as an alternative punk duo, kind of in the vein of Brody Dalle, The Distillers, Japandroids, that sort of thing,” offers guitarist/vocalist Jenna Priestner over a frosty pint glass. Her bandmate Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals) quickly interjects, “Yeah, all of that but we’re more melodic.” Continue Reading »

Chica Boom Boom :: Two Girls, One Drum Kit


by Sheldon Birnie

Take a fuckton of pure raw rocking talent, age with thousands of cold road kilometers, season heavily with equal parts Fu Manchu, Scorpions, Alice Cooper and Dolly Parton, free pour in some whiskey and blood, two girls, one drum kit, and shake it up, hard.

Voila: Chica Boom Boom. Continue Reading »

Caribou – Our Love


Beloved electro-indie master Caribou returns to adoring hipsters everywhere with his sixth studio album, Our Love. Continue Reading »

High Ends – Super Class


You might be quite surprised to find out that Jeffery Innes is the man behind both Yukon Blonde and High Ends, two completely different sounds coming from the same brain. Continue Reading »

conduct :: all the rest is irrelevant


by Sheldon Birnie

“Where the germ of the idea comes from, to me, isn’t very remarkable,” explains Nick Liang, of Conduct, one afternoon at Little Sister Coffee Maker. Liang, along with bandmates Rob Gardiner (drums) and Stephen Kesselman (guitar), are here to discuss their upcoming LP Fear & Desire, as well as their new split 7” with their pals and tour partners Tunic. “What I think is interesting is what we bring to the songs or ideas, which is completely collaborative.” Continue Reading »

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