JUNE — JULY 2015 Issue
  June/July 2015 cover by Don Ritson.

Sufjan Stevens :: Us and those we lose


By Tim Richardson

Sufjan Stevens is known for high-concept projects. He’s crafted musical anthologies of Illinois and Michigan, made a song for each of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and churned out seemingly endless volumes of Christmas music. With his newest album, Carrie & Lowell, we find him at his least thematically ambitious and most biographically and emotionally exposed. As has been extensively publicized and discussed, Carrie & Lowell is very explicitly about one thing: Sufjan’s response to the 2012 death of his mother Carrie to stomach cancer. Each song copes with the reverberations of this event: witnessing it, burying it, or accepting it, sometimes all at the same time. Continue Reading »

CKUWHO :: Knock Between Doors


Sam Neal has been involved with CKUW for approximately the past 4 years, first doing guest spots on Sellout Sound (now Mercy of Slumber), then co-hosting, and has now graduated to his own show, Knock Between Doors, which is a marathon six-hour set of experimental music from across the spectrum. Stylus emailed Sam to talk about his show. Continue Reading »

Live Bait :: Deerhoof w/ Jan at Union Sound Hall – Wednesday June 17, 2015

Topher Duguay

“So, this band Jan, they’re…”
“They’re certainly Jan, yeah.”
“They play Janwave. It’s when you sound like a mix of every fashionable 2003-2009 indie band, but your name is also Jan.”
“It’s a bold new genre. I like it.”
“It’s got a good beat, and you can Jance to it.”
“Oh, they’re done. On to Deerhoof.”
“So this is Deerhoof?”
“Yeah, they’ve been around for about 20 years and they play math rock.”
“So they aren’t Deerhunter?”
“No, Deerhunter’s singer is tall and Deerhoof’s singer is short. That’s how you tell them apart.”
“And they don’t play math rock.”
“But they both put on good shows. Feel that jazzy little guitar riff on ‘Paradise Girls.’”
“It’s very jazz-student wave. Weren’t these guys originally a noise rock band?”
“Well yeah, but they’ve discovered the joys of pop. There’s even a singalong chorus of BA-BA-BAs on this song!”
“I see she’s trying to get the audience to sing along. They aren’t taking the bait.”
“Well, I will. BA-BA-BA-BA BA BA.”
“Topher, stop.”
“No, I’m making up for Winnipeg’s notable lack of enthusiasm for anything. BA-BA-BA-BA BA BA”
“You’re at the back. She can’t hear you.”
“Well, darn. They are awfully energetic…”
“And tight! You’re going to ruin her concentration with your BA-BA-BAing! It’s like clapping along, it never works!”
“Point taken . . . oh it’s over.”
“No encore?”
“None! Maybe they’re disappointed about the lack of BA-BA-BAs?”
“Well, shame on Winnipeg. This band deserve better.”
“My apologies to Deerhoof. At least I BA-BA-BAed.”
“Deerhoof: A band whose live show deserves a BA-along.”


Carly Dow :: Ingrained


By Natalie Bohrn

There is hardly a line on Carly Dow’s album Ingrained that isn’t worth twisting around in your mind like a skein of yarn to find its true beginning and end. Continue Reading »

Retrospectives on May Releases from Manitoba Musicians: Basic Nature, Carly Dow, Raine Hamilton, and Rayannah


By Selci

Recently I ran into local musicians Raine Hamilton and Rayannah at Thom Bargen and we discussed all the women releasing albums in May. It seemed like a great idea to get everyone together at Munson Park and talk about music and being women in the scene in Winnipeg. Raine, Ray, Carly Dow, Basic Nature, and I spent an afternoon in the sunlight and had a lovely and productive discussion about music and equality. It all began with one question: Continue Reading »

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