AUG — SEPT 2015 Issue
  Aug/Sept 2015 cover by Roberta Hansen.

Post Rainbow Trout


by Selci

It was my first Rainbow trout and it was a hell of a time. I had the chance to catch up with some of Winnipeg’s favourite artists, musicians, artisans and foodies. It is clear that Rainbow Trout is a conglomeration of some truly beautiful and talented people. The Roseau river was ideal and made the festival grounds especially comforting in the sweltering heat.
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CKUWHO: Exile Files


By Omri Golden – Plotnik

The sun slow roasts Winnipeg patio-goers, and a damp heavy air blankets the city. I am sitting with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other, scratching notes onto my legal pad. Across from me, my companion Dave Quanbury explains the logic behind his song selections for his 90-minute radio program on CKUW, Exile Files. His tendency is to focus on jazz and blues, and particularly songs with an emphasis on brass instrumentation and big vocals.
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Palm Trees, Benowa, Sam Singer, Mmars @ Bandwidth Theatre:: August 26, 2015

Photos by Steve Louie.

Girlpool :: Before The World Was Big

Girlpool does what every John Hughes movie tried to do, which is to encapsulate teenage angst and disillusionment in simple, uncomplicated terms. Continue Reading »

Haze XXL



By Mischa Decter

Tom Hazelmyer, known to his fans as Haze XXL, is the founder of legendary noise rock/bizarro punk label Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep). While putting out records by revered sub popular bands like Helmet, The Melvins, Lubricated Goat, and Thee Headcoats, Haze XXL’s art and gig posters helped define the cultural footprint laid down by an underground of mid-Western weirdos. A documentary about Haze XXL titled The Color of Noise had its Canadian premiere at the Park Theatre on July 18 as part of No List Records’ ‘Summer of UGH’ concert series. Continue Reading »

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