AUG — SEPT 2014 Issue
  Aug/Sept 2014 cover art by Mahri White.

Naysa – Losing Weight (EP Stream!)

Losing Weight EP Cover

by Broose Tulloch

For Winnipeg’s Naysa, their second release in less than seven months, is a real growth spurt. Their March release, Troubled Heart, showed some real promise, and October’s Losing Weight realizes that potential. Continue Reading »

The Washups :: 21st Century Digital Band


by Kacey Fields

What happens when old school punks grow up, get married, have a few kids, and decide to start making music again? The Washups, that’s what. They describe themselves as “washed up punk rock dudes making music,” and that’s about as accurate as you can get (although I would add that they make damn good music). Continue Reading »

Young Magic – Breathing Statues


Picture a bunch of Buddhist monks at a party, breakdancing to 70s urban hip-hop samples. Continue Reading »

Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy


If Open Mike Eagle’s self-coined “art rap” designation means anything, it’s that the same reflexive musing and deprecatory tone which often typifies stand-up comedy can also apply to hip hop music. Continue Reading »

Vanessa Azzoli on Uncovered: The Story of the Watchmen

Uncovered Front Cover

by Sheldon Birnie

Rock biographies are a treat for those of us who are so obsessed with music that we want to know the ins and outs of our favourite albums, bands, venues, and everything in between. But many of our favourite artists fall short of the vaunted rock bio. For fans of the Watchmen, your day has come! Stylus got in touch with author Vanessa Azzoli ahead of the release of her new book Uncovered: The Story of the Watchmen to talk about her new book, her obsession with the band, and everything in between.
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