APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.

Language & Art: Bilingualism and Music in Manitoba

By Colton Siemens

Communication is a wonderful thing, and in country as diverse as ours, there are many ways that we go about it. One of the most beautifully universal forms of communication is music. So it only makes sense that in a bilingual country and city, our music tends to reflect that. Both French and English permeate our culture and community. It affects our history, our relationships and our lives. Therefore, it affects our art. But exactly how does it affect our art? Continue Reading »



By Matt Harrison

“Caw-Caw-Gee?” imitated frontman Jacob Brodovsky, as he gave me an idea of how some people pronounce the name of his band, Kakagi. The correct way, he assures me, is “Ke-Ka-Gi.”

The group is made up of four lifelong friends, two of which, drummer Max Brodovsky and the aforementioned singer/guitarist, Jacob, are siblings. Jesse Popeski and Jonathan Corobow make up the other half of this four piece folk-rock group from Winnipeg. Continue Reading »

QPOC :: Drop the Mic

QPOC Winnipeg has been organizing dance parties, open mics, concerts, pick-up basketball games, artist talks, fundraisers, movie screenings, and potlucks for QPOC (queer people of colour) and allies since 2014. The group, founded by Uzoma Chioma, emerged from an interest in creating safer spaces for those who occupy the intersection of racialized and queer experience; those who face both heteronormativity in communities of colour and racism in LGBT/queer communities. Continue Reading »

BIG FUN 2017 (By Jen Doerksen and Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell)

Hannah Epperson

by Chris Bryson

 Through the use of her loop pedal and violin, Hannah Epperson has created a sound that’s classical yet modern, lustrous yet mournful, and altogether haunting in its charm. Her newest album, Upsweep, is a sweeping rush of emotion and sound, an aural escape into the deepening reaches of Epperson’s enchanting mind, a genre-defying mix of pearly-eyed, post-apocalyptic pop. Continue Reading »

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