AUG — SEPT 2014 Issue
  Aug/Sept 2014 cover art by Mahri White.

Ben Watt – Hendra


Best known for being one half of the breezy 90s dance-pop duo Everything But The Girl, Ben Watt’s first solo album in over thirty years marries dark themes with a mix of ethereal folk-rock and riffs grungy enough for the likes of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Continue Reading »

Kuato – The Great Upheaval



In 2014, if a band allows itself to be marketed as “post-rock” a few assumptions are natural. Continue Reading »

Pink Mountaintops – Get Back


Brainchild of ex-pat Vancouverite Stephen McBean, Pink Mountaintops’ latest, Get Back is a tidy little package of glam inspired, vaguely psychedelic pop nuggets. Continue Reading »

Fear of Music :: This Stephen Patrick is No Morrissey


by Devin King

July 2014 sees the release of Morrissey’s latest and perhaps most Morrissian-titled album to date: World Peace is None of Your Business. Morrissey the Performer has always demanded a closer critical review, as his actions and words – both in his music and outside of the music itself – are a closely scripted characterization of Morrissey the Character. More than ever, with this latest release, there is an evident slipping of the curtain to reveal Morrissey himself rather than Morrissey the Character. This later period Morrissey seems to be, intentionally or not, dropping many of the idiosyncrasies that define the Morrissey character. Continue Reading »

Rosie June – Listening Post 


Listening Post, Rosie June’s debut album, was originally independently released in 2013. Continue Reading »

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