APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.


By Daniel Emberg

Throughout several years on either side of 2000, Duotang were one of the most popular bands in Winnipeg. An upstart duo on Mint Records, they made a habit of pleasing live audiences as well as campus and community radio listeners across Canada. If you remember the band from those days, it may be surprising to read that, by early December, Duotang will have played almost every major city from Victoria to Montréal in barely six weeks. After all, the band parted ways in 2002 and nary a peep was heard until a few festival shows happened in 2015. Continue Reading »

Birthday Wishes: Volume 1 :: A Collection of Mood Swings


By Zoe McCrea

Ever since Birthday Tapes’ first release of notme’s Sinking, plans for Birthday Wishes: Vol. 1 have been slowly, in the making. Putting together a (mostly) local, Canadian compilation of admired musicians, has been a project idea since before Birthday Tapes formally existed.
Continue Reading »

iansucks :: Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings


By Alina Moore

With the recent release of their first physical album Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings it is apparent that Iansucks, does not suck. Like in their song “Too Hard”, this album really has been a long time coming. Radiating tones of raw, relatable, melancholic honesty that can appeal to the moody millennial of our generation, or really anyone who has feelings. Continue Reading »

The Catamounts :: St Nuomatac

The Catamounts are a Winnipeg Surf band that push boundaries, experiment generously and go beyond the realms of musical margins. Continue Reading »


By Bailee Woods

JayWood started as Jeremy Smith writing songs and then recording those songs at home. This year, he’s putting his ideas and songs into live action and has got a band together! With busy schedules, we weren’t able to meet up, but I was able to email Jeremy and talk to him about music and the other weird stuff we normally talk about, like tacos, beer and deserted islands. Continue Reading »

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