APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.

Occvlt Hand/PARTY For a Purpose


Local musician and spicy food enthusiast, Terrance Williams, grabbed a beer with me not long ago, to chat a little bit about his band Occvlt Hand, and a charity fundraiser he’s been brewing up for a while now. He knows me well, and it takes him seconds to see that I’m no professional.

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Disco Needs A Squeeze



By Andre Cornejo

There’s a knock at my back door, and in walks Mischa Decter. He wastes no time in expressing what a disgusting day it is outside. After the walk in the brutal heat and humidity, he has no desire to take the turkey breast (with horseradish sauce) Subway sandwich out of his backpack. Eating fresh just isn’t the same when you’re on the surface of the sun, so we got down to business. Continue Reading »

White Lung


By Rachel Narvey

It can be hard not to hear the echo of past punk greats when listening to a new, turbulent sound. Originating from Vancouver, White Lung have been compared to 90s influencers Hole, L7, and Babes in Toyland. To guitarist Kenneth William, his band’s sound is an entity unto it’s own, something decidedly modern and of this moment. Continue Reading »

Riley Hill :: Mortfell Recording



By Rob Hill

Finding time amongst preparations for a western tour with his band Mulligrub, J. Riley Hill and I found a moment for a beer on Sherbrook to discuss his recording business, Mortfell Recording and career as a local recording engineer.

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Live Review :: Jay Arner, Cannon Bros. Supermoon, Sam Singer

By Daniel Colussi
From The Handsome Daughter, July 16th 2016

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