April — May 2014 Issue
  Apr/May 2014 cover art by Shawn Fedora.

So You’ve Formed A Band: Where Do You Go To Get Your First Bar Gig?

555 osborne

by Gil Carroll

While Winnipeg is home to an extremely diverse underground music scene featuring any and every genre, sub-genre and mood, all Winnipeg bands have something in common – they all have experienced the excitement and the ice-cold nerves that come with playing their first shows in small, dark, not always crowded Winnipeg bars. Continue Reading »

Hip Hop Retrospective :: Ninety Four, Rugged Raw


by Harrison Samphir 1994 was an important year for hip hop. Nas dropped Illmatic. Biggie released Ready to Die. OutKast ushered in a new era of southern rap with its debut Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. It was the last gasp of hip hop’s Golden Age: the pinnacle and apex of rhyming, beat selecting and political consciousness that combined to produce some of the choicest cuts and finest albums of all time. Not every one of them was a commercial success, but many of 1994‘s underground releases gained critical acclaim, lasting recognition and major props. In this installment of Stylus Magazine’s Hip Hop Retrospective, we look into the not-so-distant past and dig up some memorable, if not lucrative, albums of that period. Word is bond… Continue Reading »

Yellow Ostrich – Cosmos


The inspiration for Cosmos comes, literally, from a place that’s not of this world: singer/guitarist Alex Schaaf spent nine months devoting himself to exploring the galaxy in a small room in which the lighting was altered to reflect the arrival and passing of daylight in the morning and night, and studying astronomers such as Carl Sagan and Frank Drake. Continue Reading »

Eamon McGrath – Exile, Part 2



Getting drunk in a dive bar in the bad part of town. Continue Reading »

Rock Lake – III



I find that lately there are so many bands cramming my social networking with claims of being rock and roll. Continue Reading »

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