OCT — NOV 2015 Issue
  Oct/Nov 2015 cover by Jenna Arlegue.

Daniel Romano :: 10/27/15

Daniel Romano live at the Good Will Social Club

Photos by Eric Roberts

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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE :: Xavier Rudd and the United Nations

Xavier Rudd & United Nations

Xavier Rudd and the United Nations are on tour through Canada to promote their latest album, Nanna. They’ll be making a stop in Winnipeg this Saturday, October 31 at the Burton Cummings Theatre. Stylus caught up with Xavier over the phone. Continue Reading »

Cannon Bros. :: Dream City



Dream City is the follow up to Cannon Bros.’ 2011 Polaris Prize nominated Firecracker/Cloudglow, a jangly, riffy tour de force that demanded attention and rightfully received it. Since that album came and went and stuck in our collective brains, Cannon Bros. have largely gone quiet, busy with other projects that have been successful in their own right, so it was one hell of a nice surprise to have this absolute stunner of an album dropped on my lap. Continue Reading »

Rah Rah :: Vessels


The evolution of Regina indie band Rah Rah continues. On their latest album Vessels, we hear a musical continuation of their 2012 release The Poet’s Dead. But this time around they’ve stepped it up a notch. Continue Reading »

Dilly Dally :: Doing Anything But Dilly Dallying


By Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

Dilly Dally is a name you might want to familiarize yourself with if you’re into that whole grunge, badass thing, and I hope you are. There are four of them in total. Katie Monks and Liz Ball have known each other awhile but Dilly Dally all began about six years ago. Some bassists and drummers came and went but they’re lucky now to have Jimmy Tony and Benjamin Reinhartz solidified within the group for the last year and a half. Continue Reading »

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