June — July 2014 Issue
  June/July 2014 cover art by Toby Gillies.

Fear of Music :: Thy Shiny Compilation in the Night


An alternate history of Big Shiny Tunes 2

by Devin King

For a lot of people, Big Shiny Tunes was a big deal. We can say that, if for no other reason, by its sales figures. Big Shiny Tunes 2 is one of the highest selling albums in Canada, ever. Many of my generation have also been privy to nostalgic conversations about that series. This alt-rock compilation has served as a cultural touchstone – a sort of monoculture primer at the time, and defining cultural artifact now. Looking back, it would be easy to remember these songs as the only noteworthy songs of those years. However, Big Shiny Tunes – indeed, our very recollection of that time – could have been dramatically different. Continue Reading »

Pandas in Japan – Suburban Desert/Inner City Oasis


Another emerging punk psych band from Saskatoon, Pandas in Japan will appeal to those who are drawn to the noisy and slightly chaotic. Continue Reading »

Trust – Joyland


Trust do a tolerable job of gleefully ripping off what 80s synthpop bands sound like. Continue Reading »

Ridley Bent – Wildcard


The third full length from Winnipeg’s Ridley Bent delivers 12 tracks of the kind of country fans of Ridley’s have come to expect. Continue Reading »

Immortal Sacraments :: Frying fish and the cure to the body slam itch


by Paolo Santos


“There’s a bigger fish to fry in this industry – record label producers should realize that,” Immortal Sacraments’ guitarist Marron Verzosa said during a break in practice session at a basement studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for his band’s forthcoming sophomore album. “Once in a while there will be metal shows, but there is still a lot of room for progress.” Continue Reading »

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