AUG — SEPT 2015 Issue
  Aug/Sept 2015 cover by Roberta Hansen.

Ghost Twin

ghost twin


By Mike Skwark

The goth scene is one of the most tight-knit scenes in the Winnipeg music community. Goth shows are always well attended by fellow goths (and goth fans). One of the most prominent acts from this scene is Ghost Twin, a dark synthpop duo comprised of partners Jaimz and Karen Asmundson.   Continue Reading »

The Unbelievable Bargains: Exuberance Abounds. ‘Nuff Said


by Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

Winnipeg’s own the Unbelievable Bargains are no laughing matter. Well, feel free to laugh with them, as their lyrics portray the everyday crap that most people endure – but don’t get confused, the band is a serious project. The group consists of three members: Marshall Birch on guitar, Steve Basham on bass, and JP Perron on drums. They’re all on vocals, of course.  Continue Reading »

Black Cloud :: Black Cloud EP


If you close your eyes before you listen to the first note of the album, you can almost smell the incense of the coolest yoga class you’ve ever been to. Continue Reading »

Ought :: Sun Coming Down


Sun Coming Down picks up exactly where Ought left off with More Than Any Other Day. Anger and frustration towards capitalism, consumerism, gentrification, and sexism are expressed in poetic and evocative lyrics, sung alongside appropriately moody rhythms. This is disgruntled dissatisfied post-rock that sings with uncompromising authenticity about the disparate concerns of our generation. Continue Reading »

UP+DT :: Stylus in Edmonton


Stylus heads west to Edmonton to check out Up+Downtown Music Festival next weekend, October 9-11! We’ll be keeping you in the loop with reviews, photos, and more! In the meantime, here are some of the gigs we’ve got on our radar. Continue Reading »

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