APRIL — MAY 2016 Issue
  April/May 2016 cover by Sam Neal.

Cass McCombs – Mangly Love


In a time of pre-election bliss when the presidency of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was but a hissing whisper in the night, the ever elusive songwriter Cass McCombs released Mangy Love, a socio-politically charged collection of acoustically nomadic tracks. Continue Reading »

Hello Shark – Delicate


Hello Shark’s latest release Delicate (September 2016) is Lincoln Halloran’s first album with Orindal Records, adding to his bandcamp collection of hidden gems. The album plays through with the same swoony, dismal and yet still uplifting energy from beginning to end.
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The value of POC safe spaces


Several months ago, I found myself on an airplane headed for Toronto. A few hours before the flight, I was crouched over my luggage, splayed open on my bed, a wounded soldier, clothes spilling out like viscera. I was hesitant about going to Toronto for the Canadian Federation of Students’ extensively planned event, the Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience (RISE) Summit. Continue Reading »

Mr. Bill


By Topher Duguay

Australian DJ and musician, Mr. Bill has released nine full length albums and has collaborated with dozens of influential members of the electronic music scene from around the world. They will performed in Winnipeg on October 29 at The Pyramid Cabaret. We chatted with Mr. Bill over the phone about their tour.  Continue Reading »



By Rachel Narvey

Often, the act of listening to music is like trying on a costume. We all have songs that help us to transform, whether that means bolstering our confidence or softening the stress of a long day. Rarely does music get under our skin and shake us up a bit, or force us to turn inward and confront ourselves. Enter Winnipeg experimental band, Civvie. Together, the three-piece creates tracks that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck in a way that you didn’t know you wanted.    Continue Reading »

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