OCT — NOV 2014 Issue
  Oct/Nov 2014 cover art by Dany Reede.

Micah Erenberg :: Music Machine

photo by Greg Gallinger

photo by Greg Gallinger

by Gil Carroll

Micah Erenberg has been a staple in the Winnipeg music scene for more than half a decade. More impressively, he is only 21 years old. As a result of his unique, heartwarming, and often witty songwriting talents and lovable performance style, he is playing multiple shows every week at every venue imaginable in the city and beyond (lots in Gimli). Fans of Micah’s range from toddlers to those in their golden years. Winnipeg has been lucky to have him be so active on the scene, including hosting a night at the former Rose N Bee Pub, performing at Rainbow Trout, Real Love Winnipeg events and even a beyond memorable set on the rooftop of deer + almond last year. Stylus wanted to find out some crucial facts about such an integral piece of the Winnipeg scene. Continue Reading »

Matt Epp :: Bringing “Luma” home


photo by Jen Squires

by Sheldon Birnie

Winnipeg’s own Matt Epp returns to take the West End Cultural Centre stage after years of hard travelling. This hard core troubadour, a prairie prodigal son, has been tirelessly working the roads across North America and Europe for the past ten years, carving a name for himself as one of the pre-eminent songwriters of his generation. After some much needed downtime in T.O., Epp returns to Winnipeg with a new album, Luma, in tow. Epp took time out of pre-production on yet another new record in the works to talk to Stylus about life on the road, becoming a father, and what’s next. Continue Reading »

Supersuckers :: Last band standing

supersuckers 2014

by Daniel Emberg

Sometimes there is really no substitute for experience. If you want a sure bet for a great rock show, find a band with a track record. The Supersuckers have been going hard every time they hit the stage since forming in 1988, and have long described themselves as “the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.” They take each show as key to sustaining the credibility of that claim. Continue Reading »

Slow Club – Complete Surrender


Slowclub’s Complete Surrender is tortured-heart retro pop with a sultry vibe, often accompanied by big-band instrumentation. Continue Reading »

Last Ditch on The Left – Last Ditch on the Left


Last Ditch on the Left’s self-titled debut may be the first time Kerri Stephens and Brent Warren have teamed up to make a full-length record together, but they are, by far, no strangers to making music. Continue Reading »

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